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Wall-to-wall carpeting made on wide looms is a great option for any commercial or residential application

Carpet Tile
Modular carpet tile, either square, rectangle, or plank sizes are practical for high-traffic commercial applications

Glazed or color body porcelain tiles are ideal tile selections in commercial applications where high traffic and durability are key factors. With the dense properties and non-porous nature, porcelain tiles make for excellent design opportunities while meeting all requirements. Choose from a wood-look plank, metal tiles with anodizing effects, or a stone and concrete look tile.

A classic and timeless product, nature stone is great for all budgets and offers unique textures only a natural stone can bring

The go-to product for commercial kitchens and dining areas, quarry tile are naturally stain and slip resistant, and offer abrasive gains for even greater traction.

Used as an accent or main tile, glass tile is an ideal choice to introduce fun, sophisticated texture and create a statement no other product can offer

Large Format
Large format tiles are great for wide open spaces and can be used for floor and wall applications. Available in polished, matte, or textured finishes, large format tiles have risen to popularity in the commercial industry

Trending in all markets across the coverings industry, planks lend themselves to veracity in design combinations and textures. Available in multiple sizes, designs include wood-like, concrete, stone, and metal.

Taking the design industry by storm, wood-look tile is here to stay. With the look and texture of real wood, wood-look tile is the ideal choice for any commercial application with the durability and light-maintenance requirements tile has to offer.

Specializing in floor preparation and self leveling procedures, Our installers are trained with using SCHÖNOX products in all floor preparation procedures. We have teamed up using SCHÖNOX because they manufacture the highest quality primers and moisture mitigation systems, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives, and water proofing materials which our installers have all been heavily trained on while using these products. The link below I would like to be on the bottom as well under floor prep / self leveling.

Moisture content in concrete subfloors is the #1 concern before moving forward with any type of flooring services. HTC Specializes in testing for moisture and correcting moisture levels within subfloors to ensure the proper conditions to move forward with a new floor covering. Also, add the picture of our trailer where we have the pairing of us using Schonox products on the bottom as well. Any cool ways to provide pictures / slideshows/ anything to make this website not look so blah. Not your fault it just needs more content.

We provide you with our furniture specialists that are trained in breaking down systems of furniture amongst other types of custom furniture which requires removal to prepare spaces for new flooring. We use the ingenious furniture lifting system called Renovisions and that is what our specialists are skilled in working with. This product allows flooring to be swapped with slight disruption to staff and the work area. By providing you with our specialists and this system—we don’t need to reassemble any furniture and you don’t need to box the contents of desks or work surfaces up. I have added 5 pictures and they are all numbered in ordered that I would like to be in that order.