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Moisture Mitigation Vs Moisture tolerant Adhesives:

It is a very common mistake people make when it comes to mositure protection, people often think that mositure mitigation systems and moisture tolerant adhesives have the same job. Repeatedly moisture related floor covering systems continue to fail at an unacceptable rate. Moisture issues are not just limited to slab on-ground construction but can also occur when floor coverings are installed over suspended concrete slabs as well. When moisture issues occur, it is serious and will affect all parties and can become very costly. Modern test methods were invented to prevent distress and failure by testing the concrete’s dryness before any floor coverings or coatings installed over the substrate. Concrete in-situ relative humidity testing has become the most popular method to use in the United States and is the most accurate when it comes to testing the concretes dryness. It also is the most overlooked part of construction; people don’t want to spend the money or just don’t have the knowledge and history of testing concrete slabs.


Broadloom Vs Carpet Tile:

In Commercial flooring there are two different types of carpet a person can go with, broadloom and carpet tiles. There are a lot of different flooring options a person can choose from, if you're looking for a soft surface floor, deciding between these two types of flooring is the first step to make during this process. There are pros and cons to each option, choosing between them will vary on a budget and demand. HTC will compare carpet tiles to broadloom to help make the best decision for your facility. 

Moisture Mitigation Vs Moisture tolerant Adhesives:
9/16/2022 9:53 AM | HTC Commercial Flooring
Broadloom Vs Carpet Tile:
8/30/2022 3:25 AM | HTC Commercial Flooring