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Broadloom Vs Carpet Tile:

In Commercial flooring there are two different types of carpet a person can go with, broadloom and carpet tiles. There are a lot of different flooring options a person can choose from, if you're looking for a soft surface floor, deciding between these two types of flooring is the first step to make during this process. There are pros and cons to each option, choosing between them will vary on a budget and demand. HTC will compare carpet tiles to broadloom to help make the best decision for your facility. 

Considerations for Installation: 

Broadloom carpet typically comes in large rolls, which are laid onto a carpet pad that will sit on top of your floor substrate. Our crews install them by aligning large pieces together, depending on the size of the room and the pattern of the carpet, this will determine how many cuts are made to the large piece of carpet. Carpet tiles come in pre-sized squares with their own integrated backing and base, which sits on top of the substrate. HTC installers lay the individual tiles one at a time, matching up the pattern with minimal cutting when necessary. 

Advantages and Disadvantages: 

Broadloom is the most traditional option, it comes with many designs, including patterns, colors, and mosaics. Broadloom is a great option for uneven substrates, as the carpet pad gives the carpet a "plusher" look. Broadloom that comes with moisture backing offers superior stain resistance, and seams can be hidden well using a chemical welding. With the right underlay material, broadloom can be plusher than carpet tiles allow. Broadloom carpets are less expensive than carpet tiles, but the waste is a lot more and the cost of unnecessary or unused materials can offset savings in unit pricing. Broadloom carpet does have a lot of benefits, but there are also downfalls when choosing this material. Its difficult and time consuming when installing broadloom to a facility. If an area is damaged or is affected by moisture or mildew, the whole carpet in that area must come up and be replaced to fully fix the issue. 

Compared to broadloom, carpet tiles don't require a carpet pad, which provides an easy and expeditious installation, which reduces cost and streamlining schedule. Maintenace on carpet tile is easy since you can quickly remove each individual tile to clean or replace when damaged. You can also cost-effectively store replacement tiles that requires minimal space in your facility. Carpet tiles also offer a variety of design options, which makes design options easy to replicate. There are some design limitations, and the cost of carpet tile is more than broadloom. Seams are more visible with carpet tile, which can be a drawback for certain designs. You can't go wrong when picking between these carpets, but contact HTC Commercial Flooring for all carpet installs. We can help make your decision easier for you. 708-942-5800

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