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Signs you need to replace your floors!

Any type of flooring undergoes plenty of stress and wear in its lifetime. If you notice damage, stains and scratches, mold/moisture damage, and unevenness, it might be time for a repair or new floors. It is always possible to do repairs, increase protection, and other measures to extend your floors life. There will always come a time when it is best to completely replace it, damaged floors can lead to a disaster or a hospital visit. If you know to look out for these signs, this can save you extra injuries and costs. These warning signs are things everyone should know, but it is especially important for commercial spaces.

Visible damages will be very visible, even for the untrained eye. No matter the type of flooring you have, people will always see when something is wrong. It is also common that floor damages are not visible right away. Those small chips or cracks are often signs that irreversible damages have accumulated. If they can be seen at surface level, its either the damage has progressed too much, or it refuses to be removed. When flooring gets old, most stains and scratches can’t be removed anymore. In working environments, its normal to have stains and scratches, but when a stain happens and you can not remove the stain, replacing the floors is the best option. Moisture damage in flooring can easily lead to rotting and mold spots on your floors. The biggest causes for these damages are leaks and constant water exposure. Cracks in epoxy flooring allow moisture in, that results in the water and moisture building up underneath the floors, causing molding and staining. Repairs can be made if these damages occur, but if left unchecked, they can affect the entire floor area, when this happens you will have no choice but to replace the floors. If your floors are older and you notice they are no longer level, it could be a sign of a major problem. Uneven flooring can be caused by many things, depending on the material of your floors. The packing underneath the floor may have collapsed, or it could be another by product of too much moisture build up. As usual, if the damage is extensive and irreparable, you would need to replace your floors. If you notice your floors becoming discolored, this is a another sign your floors will need to be replaced, this is natural and happens to floors that are needing to be replaced. Discoloration on wood floors can come from natural lighting, constant sun exposure due to ultraviolet rays in the sun can eat away at the color. To prevent this from accruing, it’s a good idea to put a rug or furniture on that spot. Carpet can also be affected by this, its good to know what hurts your floors to make sure you are protecting your floors to last their lifeline. Look out for Noisy floors, if your floors are making squeaks and creeks, its time to replace them. This happens because your floors are on an uneven surface, which can mean a bigger issue like water damage. Call HTC Commercial Flooring to get your floors fix and replaced!  708-942-5800!