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Signs you need to replace your floors!

Any type of flooring undergoes plenty of stress and wear in its lifetime. If you notice damage, stains and scratches, mold/moisture damage, and unevenness, it might be time for a repair or new floors. It is always possible to do repairs, increase protection, and other measures to extend your floors life. There will always come a time when it is best to completely replace it, damaged floors can lead to a disaster or a hospital visit. If you know to look out for these signs, this can save you extra injuries and costs. These warning signs are things everyone should know, but it is especially important for commercial spaces.


Prepping your floors for Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, family and friends will be gathering to celebrate together, you might be wondering how to protect your floors from any extra wear and tear. Holidays at home are a wonderful thing, but they can also be hard on your floors, you'll want to make sure you take a few necessary precautions to protect your floors during the holidays. Here are a few tips nad tricks that will help keep your floors looking great during and after the holiday season. 

Signs you need to replace your floors!
12/2/2022 7:58 AM | HTC Commercial Flooring
Prepping your floors for Thanksgiving!
11/23/2022 10:16 AM | HTC Commercial Flooring