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Prepping your floors for Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, family and friends will be gathering to celebrate together, you might be wondering how to protect your floors from any extra wear and tear. Holidays at home are a wonderful thing, but they can also be hard on your floors, you'll want to make sure you take a few necessary precautions to protect your floors during the holidays. Here are a few tips nad tricks that will help keep your floors looking great during and after the holiday season. 

- Make sure to lay out durable and waterproof mats or walk off mats by all doors to protect the floors.  Many people will  be coming in and out of your space, bringing in dirt, debris, rocks, and salt from outside. This layer of protection will be the mats you place inside and outside to ensure guest will wipe their feet and the mats will remove the dirt, preventing it from harming the floors. 

- Install rubber mats by the kitchen and sink areas to protect your floors from any water damage. Water is one of the biggest causes of floor damage. Many people will be in the kitchen, it is wise to lay rubber mats down where guests will be getting water, washing their hands, and dishes. 

- Utilize area rugs in your most trafficed hallways. As guests will be walking back and forth through the hallways as they are the main routes for the kitchen and living rooms. Heavy traffic causes wear and tear to flooring, so to protect your floors, area rugs are a great way to help. 

- We dont always think of vacuuming to protect your floors , but even if they aren't "dirty" vaccums are a good way to keep up with all the dirt and dust that people carry in from traveling around the space. Walking on those little grains can grind into your floors, dulling the finish and eventually harming your floors. 

- Keep in mind holiday parties can mean moving around chairs, adding extra furniture, and rearranging rooms. Before the season gets rolling, add some floor protectors to your furniture legs to help decrease the chances of scratches. 


Call HTC Commercial Flooring this holiday season 708-942-5800. We wish everyone a happy and healthy thanksgiving!