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Signs you need to replace your floors!

Any type of flooring undergoes plenty of stress and wear in its lifetime. If you notice damage, stains and scratches, mold/moisture damage, and unevenness, it might be time for a repair or new floors. It is always possible to do repairs, increase protection, and other measures to extend your floors life. There will always come a time when it is best to completely replace it, damaged floors can lead to a disaster or a hospital visit. If you know to look out for these signs, this can save you extra injuries and costs. These warning signs are things everyone should know, but it is especially important for commercial spaces.


Moisture Mitigation Vs Moisture tolerant Adhesives:

It is a very common mistake people make when it comes to mositure protection, people often think that mositure mitigation systems and moisture tolerant adhesives have the same job. Repeatedly moisture related floor covering systems continue to fail at an unacceptable rate. Moisture issues are not just limited to slab on-ground construction but can also occur when floor coverings are installed over suspended concrete slabs as well. When moisture issues occur, it is serious and will affect all parties and can become very costly. Modern test methods were invented to prevent distress and failure by testing the concrete’s dryness before any floor coverings or coatings installed over the substrate. Concrete in-situ relative humidity testing has become the most popular method to use in the United States and is the most accurate when it comes to testing the concretes dryness. It also is the most overlooked part of construction; people don’t want to spend the money or just don’t have the knowledge and history of testing concrete slabs.


The Different LVT Patterns:

LVT flooring, is the ideal combination of everything a commercial flooring product needs to be. LVT is highly durable, and easy to maintain, that doesnt break the bank. With LVT flooring, you can authentically mirror the look of a natural wood material. Choosing a LVT pattern can bring your floors to life. By combining high durability, affordable costs, and design flexibility, LVT is the ideal product for commercial spaces. There are many varieties of flooring patterns you can utilize; each creating a vastly different look and feel in your space. Sometimes a specific LVT looks better with one pattern rather than the other. HTC can install an array of flooring patterns, and can offer you advise on which LVT goes better with each pattern. Not only is LVT an innovative product built to withstand high traffic environements but can offer your space endless design options. 

Signs you need to replace your floors!
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Moisture Mitigation Vs Moisture tolerant Adhesives:
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