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Best Flooring options for Senior Living Communities:

The Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) points out that in the US, every second an elderly suffers a fall, making it the leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities in this industry. Falls in older adults can also lead to immobility and premature nursing home placement. Falling can double a senior's chances of falling again, especially in elders with conditions or limited physical capacities. Falls are common amoung older adults; they shouldnt be a normal part of aging. Poor flooring choices can cause risk factors for elders when it can be easily be prevented. We are going to talk about all the great flooring options to fit the needs of those walking on it, while also kepping your space modern and to fit your companys aesthetic. 

Some factors to consider when choosing this flooring: 

1. Slip resistance: The flooring should offer a non-slip surface for the seniors to move around safely and independently. A material with a high coefficience of friction is recommended as its is a high slip resistant material. 

2. Cushioning: In case your senior happens to trip due to vertigo or any other heath issues, the flooring should be able to minimize the impact of the fall. For instance, rubber flooring offers better shock absorption versus vinyl or wooden ones, reducing the risk of serious injuries. 

3. Ease of movement: Is the flooring easy to walk or get around on? If your customers uses whellchairs or a walker, will the flooring allow them to move around with ease? This is a very important factor that you should keep in mind when picking floors out. 

4. Maintenance: What does it take to clean and maintain the flooring? You should make sure you are looking for a surfacing that needs minimal maintenance. 

5. Comfort: A few flooring type like ceramic and vinyl tiles are tough on your feet, harming joints of feet, legs, and knees. This often leads to joint pains and makes the feet feel fatigued after standing or moving for long periods of time. Choose flooring that has a gentle springiness, allowing seniors to move around comfortably. 

6. Aesthetic Appeal: Besides the previous factors, you want the flooring to look good and complement your overall decor. 


Each of these factors should be taken into consideration based on the location of where the floors are going to insure the safety of your residences. 

Flooring Options: 

1. Rubber Flooring is highly recommended for senior facilities and homes. Rubber flooring significantly lowers the risk of a fall because it has anti-slip features. It's a heavy material and when water is in contact with the material it will not become slippery. Rubber flooring also has a great cushioning effect and will minimize the impact of a fall. It can come in numerous colors and designs to render a modern look while also being easy to clean and maintain. Rubber floors can be installed in any room, including the kitchen, basement, and lobby. 

2. Cork flooring is up and coming because of how comfortable and soft the material is, which gives off great foot traction. Cork Flooring has a semi-rigid sponge-like texture, that is easy to walk on and can help reduce the impact of a fall. The newest cork flooring also comes with a protective surface layer that will help keep your floors stain resistance. Cork flooring is easy to clean and maintian, it works best in rooms like bedrooms or common areas, like a family room. 

3. Vinyl flooring is another great option in a senior living community. The flooring is easy to maintain, has good aesthetics, and is waterproof. Because vinyl planks or tiles are smooth, this makes it easy for seniors to walk or move while using their ambulatory devices on them. Vinyl has no padding, this is the only downside to it. making a fall more prone to injuries. HTC Commercial Flooring recommends installing extra padding to the floor, this will add a little more cushion to help reduce the falls impact. Outside of these neagtives, LVT is attractive and easy to maintain and clean. However, if you decide to go with the LVT make sure it comes with an extra surace layer to keep the planks from being damaged by water, stains, and heavy traffic. 

4. Carpets will never go out of style and will always remain popular for senior residences. Carpets are great at cushioning a fall and limiting the trauma caused by a fall. Plus, carpets keep the house warm, they're easy on the feet, and are non-slip. 


Before choosing the right flooring fit your senior living community needs, consult with HTC Commercial Flooring, we are here to answer all questions! 708-942-5800!