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Some of the Top Trends in Commercial Flooring:

From medical offices and hotel suits to entertainment venues and modern corporate spaces, commercial flooring is no longer the boring, easily surface that was once always forgotten about. Products are improving in installation technology and designs on the daily, which means more commercial business owners have more options than ever before. This gives them the freedom to choose flooring that is not only functional for that space, but also reflects their unique brand and originality. Even in hospitals and health care facilities, the advancements in the flooring world have really helped soften these spaces, giving them areas that are more soothing and inviting environments. Not only is the flooring world making new designs, but they are doing it while still maintaining a great price, knowing that businesses still want an affordable price along with a more modern design. For example, Schools and universities, at one point, had to follow budget restrictions when looking for materials which was not always the nicest looking materials. Finally, they are finding new inspiration in affordable yet trendy flooring materials. In the workforce starting to be dominated by millennials, this is transforming the tradition spaces into a design-forward and eco-friendly areas that inspire and creativity and collaboration. It seems that businesses have finally gotten the message that flooring shouldn’t be boring, and it should bring some life into a room, even if it is a commercial space. Bold carpet choices, resilient flooring options like LVT and Linoleum make it easy to bring color into an otherwise dull entryway, retail space, or communal meeting areas. Furthermore, grainy textures and eye-catching patterns are making floor coverings more appealing and inviting. Eco-friendly flooring is sustainable, which has become a major draw in commercial flooring, giving a rise to new green systems and prompting manufacturers to create products that are made from sustainable resources. Reclaimed wood floors, carpets made from recycled fibers, and low- VOC- emitting floor materials are very popular. Inkjet technology is transforming the flooring industry allowing manufacturers to print graphics on porcelain tile surfaces. That means commercial clients can have the look of wood, marble, and stone flooring with the low maintenance, durability, and affordability of porcelain tile. Digital printing also works on glass and ceramic tiles, and printers can even add details like wood grain and distressed textures. Corporate offices dominate  the commercial flooring market, and carpet tiles have become the top flooring choice for an office’s interiors. Carpet is comfortable, durable, and excels at noise absorption, but replacing stained or worn sections can be difficult with tradition broadloom carpeting. Carpets solve that problem and even cut down on shipping costs, plus they allow for more design flexibility. 


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