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What is the best type of flooring for Bars and Restaurants?

When it comes to picking out flooring for restaurants and bars, choosing the right look is usually top priority. You must also keep in mind that you need flooring that can withstand moisture, and heavy traffic use. Restaurant and bar flooring needs to be easy to maintain and long lasting when investing your money on flooring. In addition, the flooring should be slip resistant, fire resistant and durable. These are all qualities that need to investigated, to ensure the safety of staff and customers. 

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring offers both strength and durability, they are smooth and resistant to wear and tear as well as scratches and stains. As such, they are less likely to become torn or fade over time, ensuring their longevity. In addition, they are very easy to maintain, stains can be quickly and easily removed with a mop even after a couple of days. Laminate comes in a range of colors and textures and gives your interior a warm and rich look. Laminate flooring is one of the more popular choices when it comes to bars and restaurants. 

Tile Flooring: 

Tiles are a great option when it comes to bar and restaurant floors and will last a long time. In addition, ceramic tiles need little maintenance and comes in a wide range of styles and colors. You should keep in mind when choosing tile, that they're more susceptible to cracks and breakage if impacted by hard objects. 


LVT offers a wide range of aesthetic choices with a wood-like look, While also being durable. LVT can stand up to a lot of traffic as well as spills and abrasions. It is completely waterproof, so any spills or stains can be easily wiped away with a mop to ensure it looks good as new. It has also proven to be cost-effective form of flooring that can easily mimic other more expensive forms of flooring. From wood effects to natural stone appearances, LVT is an extremely versatile form of flooring that will suit any decor. 


Concrete is one of the best commercial flooring install options for bar and restaurants because it is afforable, durable, and it fits a variety of aesthics. A sealer is a must to help prevent anything from getting under the floor where you cant access it. Concrete cleaning is very important especially in a resturant enviornment. It is as easy as a quick sweep or mop, just make sure to keep up with it. For slip resistance, you can go one of two ways; use additives so that the concrete has more ingrained texture, or intentially texture the concrete in a unique way. Both are simple yet effective ways of giving concrete floor grip and making it safe for servers and customers alike. You can also give concrete many different looks. Stamped or imprinted concrete can be made to look like tile, a range of stones, or even wood. This is a great way of envoking the moods of other floors while retaining the advantages of concrete. It can be stained, engraved, and polished for a wide range of apperances. 


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