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The Importance of Moisture Mitigation

The importance of Moisture Mitigation: 

If you start to notice blistering, dark spots, bubbling, cuppling, delamination, mold, odor, swollen joints, remdiation, and litigation, then your floors have most likley been affected by moisture coming up from the substrate. Floor coverings frequently fail due to indetected moisture in the underlying concrete, if you are looking to install or replace new floors, you must understand the in's and out's of concrete and how to protect it from the foundation and up. 

Why should you invest in Moisture Mitigation? 

A main reason you should always invest in moisture mitigation, is you cannot build a long-lasting structure on a weak foundation. When too much moisture is presented in the concrete it automatically cannot settle  correctly and will ultimately result in your floors failing. Moisture is a big deal because this can start to affect the integrity of your structure and the safety of the building. When vapor transmission is particularly an issue for overlayed flooring, you will start to notice the presence of moisture which can look like: 

- Bubbled, delaminated coatings or toppings 

- Soft or re-emulsified adhesives

- Curled or cracked floors 

- Carpets that develop mold and mildew, discolor and release odor

- Wood floors that buckle or warp


How can these issues be prevented? 

Call HTC Commercial Flooring and we can moisture test your floors and stop moisture from reaching your floors. We use the relative humidity test; this method requires holes to be drilled into the concrete and a humidity probe inserted at 40 percent of its total depth. The quantitative result and the measurement within the middle of the slab makes this test a more accurate and reliable way to  measure moisture in your floors. 

What to do when moisture is detected? 

HTC Commercial Flooring specializes in moisture mitigation. We take a deeper look into your floors, if your floors result in having moisture issues, we take a deeper look into them. We do this to decide which moisture mitigation system is best suited for your floors and its issues so we can guarantee the best system for you. 

Call HTC Commercial Flooring to get your floors tested for moisture and for moisture systems! (708) 942-5800 

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